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Thinking of buying a Hot Tub?

Just a little FYI for all consumers who are planning on purchasing a hot tub. There are some questions you should be asking to insure your hot tub experience is the best it can be.

The number 1 concern should be – is there a dealer in my area I can purchase from? Even if you are not here in the North Georgia Mountains and looking to purchase from Backyard Delights we suggest you look for a local dealer.

Purchasing off the internet may save you a few $$ but remember a spa is not like a shirt, it is not easily returnable and should you (heaven forbid) require a warranty call, who is going to make that repair and when? Once you have selected a local Hot Tub dealer, get to know their products and their ability to service your spa in the long run. Know how long have they been in business. Do they have a show room where you can actually see the hot tub you are looking to purchase.

Now you need to decide what you are looking for in a spa. How are you going to use your hot tub, just to relax at the end of the day, hydro therapy, or is this for a rental cabin. Do you need just hot water and jets or do you want all the bells and whistles? Is the electric already there and is it 220v or 110v? Electricians typically charge between $400 – $600 for a standard installation. Cost can be higher depending on the situation.

Is price the driving factor? Be sure to ask what is included in the advertised price. Does it include the hardcover, steps, chemicals? Are you going to want a cover lifter? Is the spa delivery and set up included in the price.

Be sure to measure your space before you shop. No sense falling in love with a hot tub that won’t fit on your deck! If possible take pictures of your deck so your dealer can see what the install is going to entail. At Backyard Delights we include delivery on most hot tubs including Ellijay, Blue ridge, Blairsville, Dahlonega, Hayesville and most all surrounding areas within a hundred miles. There are a select few installs that require a crane charge.

The components (controllers, pumps, jets) for most hot tubs are made by a few select companies. The major manufactures such as Balboa, Gecko, United, and Waterway, to name a few, are installed in most high end spas. However some manufactures build their own controllers and parts can only be purchased from an authorized dealer. This can be expensive when repairs are required after the warranty is up. Know what you are buying and how accessible replacement parts will be should if your dealer goes out of business.

If price point is your #1 concern consider the Dreammaker Spas. They are an easy plug and play hot tub, basic hot water and jets and cost pennies to run. The price is right and easy to care for. Many Dreammakers are 110v / 220v convertible hot tubs and come in various sizes . This is perfect for the rental community.

If you are looking for a few more bells and whistles take a look at our Alps Spas. They are perfect for hydrotherapy. The jet placement is superb with each seat giving you a different experience. You will soon find your favorite spot in your spa. Bear in mind that the number of seats in a hot tub is not only about how many people can fit in the hot tub, but how many different areas of the body the jets can massage. Look at the different jet configurations in each seat and pick the right combination for your aches and pains. Not only are Alps Spas American made but they are made right here in Georgia!

We hope this will be helpful in your search for a Hot Tub and if you are in our area, Blairsville, Murphy, Hiawassee or even Helen come by and see us. We keep 10 – 12 spa’s on our showroom floor at all times, including many pre-owned deals. We look forward to seeing you.